Matty Sheets

Nathan Weeks

Nathan Weeks

Matty Sheets (drums, vocals) has been in a large number of bands over the years, playing guitar and bass mostly, and is always writing songs. Sheets has settled into playing drums most recently, but he started in a three piece band that would alternate playing guitar, bass, and drums called the Deviled Eggs. Locals remember his stint on dirty slide guitar in alt-country band Come Hell or High Water, heading up rock and roll band Eating the Invaders, or just sitting in with whoever would have him.

Currently fronting Matty Sheets and The Blockheads, Sheets also plays drums for Emily Stewart and the Baby Teeth, and Laila Nur. With a wry sense of humor that usually comes through in his writing, he has hosted Greensboro’s Open Mic Night for over a decade, and a local-focused radio program, Avant on Air, for two years. Matty also flips a mean burger at a downtown diner.

Twitter: @mattysheets
Facebook: Lightweight Matty Sheets
ReverbNation: mattysheetsandtheblockheads


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